AVG Internet Security Review

AVG Internet Security Review


AVG Internet Security Review

(AVG Internet Security Review by: Michelle Clark)
AVG Internet Security is preferred and used by millions of users across globe. AVG Technologies is an online store which specializes in antivirus, anti-spy ware, anti-spam, web protection, firewall and complete internet security products for home computers, small business computers and large business computers. AVG has all the tools you need to protect your computer from threats like adware, virus, spyware, trojans, phishing, malicious scripts and other online threats. AVG makes sure that while you are surfing the Internet, or you are searching anything, downloading music, downloading documents, or you are sending e-mails or instant messaging, you’re doing everything with 100% safety. So, before you open anything, it ensures your safety and serves like a comprehensive protection for your computer. The company was founded in the year 1991 and its corporate offices are in Europe. AVG holds a good place in our top ten antivirus software.

AVG Internet Security Products

Over 80 million computers are running on AVG internet security products worldwide. AVG technologies have earned a great repute by earning lot of prestigious awards. AVG has been awarded with “VB 100% award”, “PC pro recommended”, “Spicies award winner”, “PC retail award 2008″, “Best security software 2007″, “Gold award”, “Red Herring 100 Europe award”, “Best antivirus program”, “5 stars out of 5″, “Recommended by PC adviser”, “Best Channel Vendor 2009″ and many more! All these awards prove that fact that AVG is the #1 choice for everyone and it has proved that.

AVG for Corporates

So many prestigious companies all over the world as well as so many institutes in so many fields are completely relying on AVG’s security products and apart from that, a lot of companies depend on AVG as a strong partner in the field of data security and privacy. AVG technologies also provides other services such as their Affiliate and OEM programs. AVG partners, AVG authorized resellers, AVG authorized distributors, all of them comprise a large network in over 150 countries and each and every one is contributing to the awareness of AVG internet security and AVG antivirus products all over the world. AVG’s business antivirus is one of the top ten antivirus software.

AVG Internet Security Saves Money

The motto of AVG technologies is to satisfy the customers with their AVG internet security solutions and with their excellent customer service. AVG not only costs you less but along with that, it gives you a two year support license rather than one year. No other internet security company provides a two years license. AVG specializes in providing home as well as business computer users and protects you from computer security threats. The AVG family is globally distributed all over the world through their resellers and through the web, supporting all major operating systems and platforms.

AVG: Best Internet Security

In the industry, AVG is positioned with a unique spearhead innovation. In order to maintain its technological edge where it is presently standing, the company is investing in R&D, teaming with leading universities. AVG company is growing at a very fast pace and will continue to expand and address the needs of the global market through its remarkable technology, platform support as well as broader language.


  1. Very nice AVG Internet Security Review Meredith. AVG is very light weight and easy to configure, yet powerful Internet Security program. It updates silently in the background and you don’t have to worry about restarting your computer every time it updates new ‘virus definitions’. I use AVG and I will recommend AVG internet security and AVG antivirus to anyone.
    - Andy.

  2. I love AVG because they are not greedy like other companies. I have a free AVG edition and needed some help. I called up their technical support team and they valued me and answered all of my questions. I run a small business and have over 100 computers employed. The coming July our internet security program will need a new subscription. Guess what, AVG internet security will be perfect for my business!
    Bowel D Mason.

  3. I use computer primarily for emailing and last year I got a virus from email attachment. I installed the AVG professional program. It not only quarantined all the bad files but also removed a couple of adware software that was installed by the virus. Since then I have been using AVG. The best thing about AVG is that it not only protects your computer from viruses, but proactively warns you about sites that may install malicious java codes on your computer. It also warns you about phishing websites. Not sure I understand what phishing websites are but I get a big message informing me that there is something wrong with a particular site. AVG is the best antivirus program, I can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reliable internet security program.

  4. AVG internet security is really awesome! It is light on the system but heavy on viruses/spyware! A complete protection system for your computer and intranet. AVG is a well known security-software designing company and millions of home based, small business and enterprise level companies use their computer internet security software.

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