Affiliate Marketing – Datafeedr Review

Affiliate Marketing – Datafeedr Review


Affiliate Marketing – Datafeedr Review by Ashley Long.
If you are new to affiliate marketing or new to datafeeds, there maybe 1001 questions going across your mind. Questions like: What niche to select for affiliate marketing? How to design an affiliate marketing focused website? What CMS (Content Management System) is best for affiliate marketing? Where to host your affiliate marketing website? How to get datafeed of merchants you wish to promote? How to convert datafeed to product showcase? How to display products on your website? How to organize product pictures, product descriptions, price tags, affiliate links and other necessary elements? Most of all, how to automate your website? These are common questions that goes across everyone’s mind when about to start an affiliate marketing business.

Going back to my newbie days, I used a lot of scripts, brain-stormed on different ideas, experimented with different CMS, got a few sites designed from professionals and ofcourse, wasted a lot of money, time and energy. However, I was never satisfied until I returned back to the best CMS available which is undoubtedly, WordPress. WordPress is the best Content Management System and if equipped with proper tools, it is the best CMS for affiliate marketing. WordPress when equipped with Datafeedr service, gives ultimate results. The results are astonishing and your search for best affiliate marketing website will stop right there. Why would I say that?

Affiliate Marketing - Datafeedr Review

The real challenge in affiliate marketing is to keep your website updated with the latest products. If you are thinking about manually updating new products, it is next to impossible to climb up the competition ladder. Can you imagine how much time and man-power is required to update thousands of products regularly? All your profits will drown in keeping your website updated. Datafeeds are awesome to keep your affiliate marketing store updated with fresh new products but at the same time, many marketers lack on the tech know-how to convert the raw datafeed files into real product showcase. Another requirement for success in affiliate marketing business is that your store should be focused to a particular niche so that your website can rank higher on search engines. Datafeedr provides all that. It allows you to keep your website XHTML and CSS compliant because it does not interfere with the core files of your wordpress blog. Instead, it works like a plugin which meets the XHTML and CSS requirements of the World Wide Web.

Affiliate Marketing - Datafeedr Review

Datafeedr is one power packed service to convert a regular blog into a product showcase e-commerce website with just a few clicks. I have used other scripts for same job, but in most cases, I’m left with categories set by the script designer. Datafeedr allows you to create Product Categories of your choice. Create as many categories as you wish. Similarly, you can create as many sub-categories as you wish, to each category. You can name your categories and sub-categories anything you wish. Secondly, you can display products after filtering them from thousands of products. This allows you to get better results for your affiliate marketing niche. If you are focusing on a particular niche, it is obvious, you wish to display only those products which fall in your niche. You don’t need those other 20,000 products which are somehow related to your niche but you don’t need them. Datafeedr gives you the advantage of filtering your raw datafeeds to display selective products.

One excellent utility of Datafeedr’s service is that you can display the product categories created by Datafeedr plugin just like you display the regular categories on your wordpress blog. You may also display these categories as pages. You can even display your best products in the sidebar of your wordpress blog.

Affiliate Marketing - Datafeedr Review

Another advantage of using Datafeedr over the regular scripts is that it is highly customizable. You can customize it the way you wish. It gives you an excellent affiliate marketing store within a few clicks. All product thumbs, product images, product descriptions, price tags, affiliate links, etc. can be customized in the plugin settings. Don’t wish to use the regular description in your datafeeds? No problems. Datafeedr creates products just like regular posts. You can always add product descriptions on your own. This is one wonderful feature that will allow you create unique content for each and every product you wish to display on your affiliate marketing store. Unique description for each product will help you rank higher on search engines. There are many more benefits of using Datafeedr for your affiliate marketing business, however, keeping it short, Datafeedr is the perfect solution for websites focused to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing - Datafeedr Review

Datafeedr does not interfere with the wordpress core files, which makes it even easier to use with different themes. Users can change their wordpress themes whenever they wish to. It is amazing that if you don’t like a theme or you wish to use a better theme, you can always change your themes without worrying about anything. Datafeedr will work just fine with your new theme. All-in-all, no need of learning codes, no need of learning datafeeds, no need of tweaking, no need of getting into the deep details of XML, SOAP, REST, etc, Datafeedr gives you all that ready-made for a successful affiliate marketing business 24×7. Datafeedr provides datafeeds of all top Affiliate Marketing networks like Commission Junction, Linkshare, ShareASale, PepperJam, NetShops, Clickbank, Bridaluxe and many more.

Datafeedr comes with a 30 days full refund guarantee. At any point your mind changes or you wish to take a different route to success, you can always ask for a refund. However, once you use this powerful service, you will see the results very soon. Datafeedr is clean, fast and converts datafeed to product showcase so cleanly that it stands out to be the best among its competitor affiliate marketing scripts and services.


  1. Your review is unfortunately not balanced. I like the fact that it gave us a fair amount of information about datafeed but I don’t like the fact that in no way at all were you objective in terms of the kinds of problems that not just datafeedr but many of these plugins have.

    Long before datafeedr, my wife wrote a set of php scripts which parsed virtually any CJ store.

    We built a 1.2 million page site that peaked at over 7,000 visitors daily. We just bought datafeedr as well as 3 others and found that despite an excellent interface – truly excellent – datafeedr has some major show stoppers. Though others are using datafeedr successfully on certain products these problems were show stoppers for us especially since we solved them in our own code more than 4 years ago.

    Look at their discussion board, pick out problems that they have had and solved ( or in our case NOT solved ), then rewrite this interesting post more objectively – it will only get better Ashley, and people will more likely take the next step up from your affiliate link when they see how objective your reviews truly are.


  2. That’s Interesting!

    Trevor, thankyou for taking out time to notify about issues with Datafeedr. I didn’t know that people were unhappy with Datafeedr. I thought it was a great plugin, still think so. As far as I have used the plugin, to be honest, I really didn’t find any issues with it. I would be interested in understanding what turned you into an unhappy customer?

    From what I have understood and experienced, if we totally depend on a plugin to generate content and expect to get organic traffic & higher search engine rankings, that won’t happen. We need to generate unique fresh content. The datafeedr plugin is good to “showcase” products and automatically generate affiliate links. This helps in writing more posts in the same time frame. And, your website gets a “store look” too.

    I really would be interested to know what sort of issues you found with datafeedr plugin. Thereafter, I will talk to the Datafeedr affiliate manager and will request him to work out a solution to fix those problems. I’m sure, they will take care of the issue(s).

    Continued success ..

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