Top Ten Best RC Helicopters

Top Ten Best RC Helicopters

Best RC Helicopters

For my nephew’s birthday, I thought RC helicopters were the best to gift. I researched a number of websites to find these top ten RC helicopters. Oh by the way, RC stands for Remote Controlled. Since I’m not too techie about these toys, when someone suggested me to buy a RC helicopter, I was wondering what the heck is that. I searched out a lot of sites, searched through Google, searched through Yahoo, searched on Amazon but didn’t find much information. Gathering details about these toys was a little tough and knowing which one would be the best was tough for a ‘not so savvy’ mom. Finally, I found a lot of information at So, if anyone else is trying to find out which heli would be best to buy for kids, you can refer to this Top Ten RC helicopters guide.

RC Helicopters are wonderful toys that are more than just toys. These advanced toys are perfect gifting idea for people of all ages, male and female. This top ten RC helicopters review will provide you the necessary information you should know about advanced helicopters. This review will help you in understanding the different types of remote controlled helicopters.

RC helicopters can be divided into these categories depending upon their design, functionality and features:

  1. Co-Axial RC Helicopters
  2. Dual Co-Axial RC Helicopters
  3. Indoor RC Helicopters
  4. Micro RC Helicopters
  5. 4 Channel RC Helicopters
  6. 6 Channel RC Helicopters
  7. Brushless Powered RC Helicopters
  8. 2.4 GHz RC Helicopters
  9. 450 size RC helicopters

Top ten RC helicopters

Co-Axial RC Helicopters

The Co-Axial RC Helicopters are perfect for people and kids who are new to this hobby. Coaxial helicopters ideal for first time pilots. These helicopters are the easiest to fly and master as compared to much advanced conventional helicopters. You can make these helicopters hover at your first few attempts. Coaxial rotor RC helicopters are generally small electric helicopters which are very well suited to those pilots just starting out with RC helicopters. Coaxial and Dual co-axial are the best RC helicopters for beginners and intermediate hobbyists.

Dual/Double Co-Axial RC Helicopters

These are the double counter rotating models that are best suited to fly indoors. These are excellent for entry/beginner level pilots. With Dual Co-Axial RC Helicopters flight stability is excellent because of their double co-axial rotor systems working together. People who have never flown a radio controlled helicopter, this heli is perfect for them to take off their first flight. A perfect solution for kids to enjoy a steady joyful flight.

Indoor RC Helicopters

Indoor RC helicopters are just regular helicopters but provide much more stability and ease of flight. Even an eight years old can easily fly such helicopters. Also, if you are new to this hobby, you should try to fly a helicopter which is easier to fly. Indoor heli can be any heli that is easy to fly, it can be a coaxial or a dual co-axial helicopter because those toys are easy to take off the ground. Another reason why anyone would like to buy indoor heli is that if you live in a place that has lots of wind outdoors, you would like to play indoors.

Micro RC Helicopters

The micro indoor helicopters offer ease of flying and more controlled flight than other types. As the name suggests, these helicopters are considerably smaller than the conventional RC helicopters. Micro RC helicopters are very popular among savvy RC heli pilots because of the flight quality and their ease of use. Micro RC heli can be either radio controlled or infra-red controlled. These are the cheapest helis and a perfect gifting idea for your little pilots. Micro helicopters are becoming bigger than ever because of the way they appeal to beginners with their cheap price tags and ease of use.

RC Helicopter Specifications

4-Channel RC Helicopters

4-channel RC helicopters fly with stability and silently indoors and outdoor. These helis are designed to give a stable flight that even a first time user can fly it and control it easily. Designed for intermediate users, the 4-channel helis are perfect for gifting to not only kids, but to any age group, male and female. It is designed to train pilots and entertain them by delivering a stable flying platform capable of controlled indoor and outdoor flight course.

6-Channel RC Helicopters

6-channel RC helicopters are perfect for the advanced helicopter pilot and give you the ability to fly upside down and perform all sorts of aerobatic maneuvers. Designed for a real-time experience, the 6-channel helis are used by expert pilots. Enjoy an experience of realistic looks, ready-to-fly simplicity and longer flight times. It surely is a high-tech way to helicopter success.

Brushless Powered RC Helicopters

Brushless powered RC helicopters are a step ahead the 6-channel RC helis or you can say, these are advanced 6-channel helis. Prepared to wipe out the competitions, these helicopter models are made with the combined knowledge of RC nitro collective precision along with the most advanced electric design concepts. These helis are for advanced pilots and gives you the ability to enjoy the most advanced features like flying upside down and perform aerobatic maneuvers.

2.4 GHz RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters are all about flight times when it comes to comparing their specifications. RC helicopter manufacturers are giving in their best to extend the flight times before a user has to recharge them. Longer flight times simply means, extended fun. 2.4 Gigahertz equipment uses less current to operate than standard frequency systems. This results in longer flight time and longer life of your transmitter and receiver batteries.

Top Ten RC Helicopters

These are the top RC helicopters that I found after searching many websites and forums. These helis are used and reviewed by thousands of current customers:

You can buy these RC helicopters here

  1. Align Trex 450 Pro Kit : Align are known for their sporty performance and tolerance to extreme pressure. This helicopter is for the champions of the sport. Highly stable flybar control system provides smooth and entertaining flight. A perfect RC helicopter for intermediate and professional hobbyists.
  2. Walkera 4F200LM 6 Channel : A masterpiece from Walkera, the 4F200LM is the favorite of thousands of hobbyists. This RC helicopter is not only great looking but it is extremely stable! An excellent helicopter for beginner to advanced hobbyists. Beginners may need some training before they can fly without crashing.
  3. CopterX 450PRO V3 Big Size 6 Channel : For pilot in search for the best performance 450 helicopter in the market. The CopterX CX450 pro helicopter was design for high performance flight with easy for maintenance in mind. Made by finest materials available, the CopterX CX450 is the leader in it’s class.
  4. Walkera New UFO 5 6-axis Gyro RC Aerophotograph Helicopter with Camera : Equipped with 2.4G Anti-Interference 4 channels proportional digital radio system and 4 powerful micro motors, this UFO is the ultimate bird in the market today. This bird has a 3 Mega Pixel camera on it so that you can record crisp clear videos!
  5. Walkera 2.4Ghz V400D02 6 Channel RC Helicopter : Beginners always demand a practice model for fist time outdoor flying, and now this model is arrived – the V400D02. It is a Flybarless Collective Pitch Helicopter with tail motor controlled rudder. In short, it is the low price model for all kinds of practicing.
  6. Skyartec WASP V4 BELT 250 CNC 2.4Ghz 6 Channel : This WASP V4 BELT 250 should be the perfect choice for both the beginners and experts due to its compact size, stability and agility. Also, it has a great advantage that is: it is suitable for indoor, outdoor, backyard and stadium flying.
  7. Walkera Lama 400D RC Helicopter Red Version RTF : The Lama 400D features a Cool looking canopy, it looks just like the real professional RC Helicopter, but it is a Co-Axial model, which means it flies very easily, you don’t need to be a expert to enjoy the fun of a Flying Toy.
  8. Skyartec WASP V3 CCPM 2.4GHz 6 Channel RC Helicopter : This model is designed with German know-how. It can be flown easily near the ground, and is highly damage-resistant. It has been designed to allow people to learn to fly before moving to the next very expensive models.
  9. Align TREX 100S Super Combo 4 Channel Mirco RC Helicopter : Align brand stormed the RC Helicopters Industry few years ago because of the outstanding quality and super low price on the market. The Align Trex 100 is specially made for first time flyers, it has a lot of great features like the elastic material, the stable Bell Rotor Head design and the super light weight design.
  10. CopterX 450PRO V3 Big Size 6 Channel : For pilot in search for the best performance 450 helicopter in the market. The CopterX CX450 pro helicopter was design for high performance flight with easy for maintenance in mind. Made by finest materials available, the CopterX CX450 is the leader in it’s class.

You can buy these RC helicopters here


  1. This is a WOW page. I’m glad I found this page. Very useful information about RC Helicopters. I have been thinking of buying my nephew some nice gift. Certainly, RC helicopters make up a great gifting idea. Thanks for the great information.

  2. Thats a great list of remote controlled helicopters. I own a couple of remote controlled cars and love racing around on tracks. Waiting for my birthday and probably then I will have a brand new ass-kicking RC heli. Secondly, I’m not sure if I will be able to fly these choppers. I will have to learn how to fly them without killing birds lol. It would be great to share your views about how you learn flying these gorgeous helicopters. Would appreciate if someone can share their RC heli flying tips and tricks.

  3. Thanks RC Mania. RC helicopters are powerful toys. They are fun!
    I have been flying RC helicopters and RC airplanes since 5 years and it has become an important part of my day. Love these toys!

  4. Why put Coco Lama V3 Co-axial Radio Remote Controlled RC Helicopter on number 6 ??
    Man, thats a HOT helicopter. I have been playing around with the Coco Lama rc heli since years. It comes with a camera and the camera fits inside it beautifully. I have been spying on my friends with this heli a lot.

  5. My favorite is the 6 Channel Exceed-RC G2 Premium CNC RC Helicopter. Wow, what a pleasure is to take them off the ground. The manuals and the starter kits are always a big help. If you are a beginner, don’t forget to purchase the manuals and the starter kits. Secondly, you can also buy a camera and fit it inside the cup. The view from sky looks great and ofcourse you don’t really have to keep looking up to figure out where your heli is. Just look at the screen and you will feel as if it is a real helicopter you are flying. Very good list of RC helicopters, highly recommended!

  6. Not sure if it is going to be easy to take off a helicopter off the ground for a 12 years old boy, what do you guys think? Can a 12 years old boy fly these RC helicopters?

  7. Thanks for sharing this great review. I’m looking for a good sized rc helicopter and this is where I found the information. I’m interested in the Lama RC Helicopter, I think it is awesome. I think these are the latest list of best rc helicopters. Thankyou a bunch for sharing this cool article review.

  8. Thankyou for providing this cool top ten lists and really appreciate for highlighting the top ten rc helicopters. I might purchase one soon because I have been playing with other toys since a long time and I would like to play with toys that can fly high. This is a very good list of top ten rc helicopters and I will purchase a heli very soon. Thanks for putting up the list.

  9. Never knew that people love these hobby toys so much. I’m not a fan of these toys but really would like to try one! I seem to like these helicopters and I guess it would be fun to fly one.

  10. Hi Ashley, RC helicopters are very popular toys among hobbyists of different ages. If you are planning to try one, go for the Number 4 in the list – Exceed RC 2.4GHz Blue Ray 450SE. It comes ready to fly and is one of the most stable RC heli. The 450SE is the best RC helicopter for beginners and it is available at discount price now. You can save $10 when you shop for $125 or more.
    Other remote controlled heli I can recommend – Number 2 in list – 6 Channel Exceed-RC G2 Premium CNC Premium Edition and Number 3 in list – Exceed-RC G2-V2 6-Channel Type Z400 Belt-Driven. These are quite good for beginners and intermediate. The CNC heli is better than an electric but requires a little care while handling. The CNC or gas powered RC helicopters are more powerful and give a longer flight time as compared to the electric RC helicopters.
    Have fun flying your favorite RC heli.

  11. which one is better .. electric rc helicopter or gas rc helicopters? I’m interested in purchasing one but need to know if electric rc helicopters any good.

  12. electric rc helicopters dont give much flight time and you have to replace the batteries pretty soon, where as, the gas rc helicopters fly for a longer time but you have to be careful with the fuel. but if you read the instructions in the manual, you will be alright. so go for gas rc helicopters because they are the best.

  13. i think rc electric helicopters are good for beginners but for intermediate and advanced players, the gas rc helicopters are best.

  14. i like the micro rc helicopters the most. they are smaller in size and dont consume too much energy. longer flight time and more fun.

  15. well, to begin with, you should consider using a rc helicopter simulator for training yourself. there are many rc helicopter simulators available if you follow the links in the rc helicopter review above. it is better to purchase a simulator, it is cheap and is a lot of help in understanding how to fly a rc helicopter.

  16. yeah i have used micro rc helicopters which are also called mini rc helicopters that give you a little extra flight time. but trust me, it is not enough. the best is to purchase a gas rc helicopter and enjoy flying your heli for a longer period of time.

  17. If you are planning to buy a rc helicopter and this is your first rc helicopter, don’t forget to buy rc helicopter kits because you need manual and other things that will give you the complete information about your new toy. RC helicopter kits are cheap and doesn’t cost much but they are really helpful.

  18. Good info Richard, I would recommend purchasing rc helicopter kits too because if someone is new to these toys, the kits are really helpful in figuring out what to do. Also, in case you need rc helicopter parts the kit will be helpful in replacing the parts.

  19. is there any site where i can find some rc helicopter videos and see how others fly these cool rc toys? I saw a few earlier but if you know some site where i can see some cool rc helicopter videos please post them here.

  20. I have been flying rc helicopters since many years and have always loved the gas powered rc helicopters because they are powerful, much powerful than the electric rc heli. If you wish to get benefit of the fuel advantage, go for gas powered rc helicopters to beat the competition.

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  23. wow, good list of helicopters. my dad gifted me one last year and i have been flying that. think i’m expert by now and ready to got ahead with a bigger heli. i think i can fly any rc helicopter now.

  24. I love the T-Rex RC helicopters, very good list of the best RC helicopters and I loved to see the T-Rex on #1 spot.

  25. I need to clear up a few inaccuracies in your otherwise good article!

    Advantages of brushless is longer running time (less current draw) and a longer lasting motor overall (no brushes, which are the first thing to wear out). There is no performance benefit, and often brushed motors are more torquey and can change speed much faster.

    Advantages of 2.4ghz is not for longer run time. It is to significantly minimise the chances of radio interference.

  26. Thank you for all the information, thats a very good list of the best RC helicopters. Thank you for the recommendations.

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  30. my new T34 miniRC heli fallen in to the pond can enyone please help me ………..I donot know what to do…..I just diconected the battery and dried it by hair drier as much as possible…what will happen to my RC heli………..

  31. I have an ESky simulator that I can not get to operate
    What is the best simulator training kit for 4 channel helicopter

  32. We live in a house on a cliff and i bought a RC helicopter for my son for his 7th birthday. He flew the helicopter straight out and continued going for over a hundred yards. Eventually it went out of range of the RC and just plumetted to the ground.What a waste!

  33. Hi.i am an iranian mechanical engineer.i have a realy new idea about toy RC helicopters which can make a revolution in this will give my idea to any company which satisfies me sooner than the others!I wait for your reply.thanks.bye.

  34. There are also some great Eflite heli’s worth considering, especially their ultra micro’s, the Blade mSR and mCPx. Both can be flown indoors, so great for when the weather is not upto outdoor flying. The mSR is a great first heli or step up from a co-ax, it’s a fixed pitch with 45degree flybar which makes it amazing stable. The mCPx is a full fixed pitch 6Ch heli, and flybarless too. Both are amazingly durable, weighing in at 1oz and 1.6oz respectively they just bounce when you crash without breaking…so just pick’em up and go again.

  35. My son Jordan, 9 years old, and I both have RC helicopters. Make sure you get ones with gyro’s. They fly great and easy to control. Make sure you practice take of and landing for a few days. Don’t fly them more than three feet any direction until you get a handle on it. If your young one starts to lose control have them turn off the power and it wont fly into the ocean as one of the previous references mentioned. If you research any, get a common one and get a spare parts kit. If you are new at the hobby you will need it.

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