Top Ten Free Email Providers

Top Ten Free Email Providers

Email has become an important part of our lives and is considered one of the major forms of communication. Earlier emails were used at a very small scale, only for conducting small transactions and information flow between an organization internally. With time, email became a major form of communication worldwide. Today, most of the business transactions and business communication is conducted through secured email services. Many email services evolved to provide free email solutions. This top ten list of best free email providers is to familiarize you with the best free email solutions available. So, if you are looking for a new email address, read this review.
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Gmail EmailGmail free email service is one of the most popular global email service. Google designed Gmail free email service for both email and chatting online. Gmail offers nearly unlimited storage and many different search functions for when you are looking for past emails or emails with a particular subject. Another feature of Gmail free email service is the system puts relevant advertising next to any emails read. The interface is smart and precise that is why this is our number one pick for free email providers.


Yahoo EmailYahoo! Mail free email service has a multitude of features and benefits. A few of the features of Yahoo! Mail free email service is SMS text messaging, instant messaging, RSS news feeds and unlimited storage. A few of the very few criticisms were that the spam filter could be a little tougher on junk mail and it would be a good feature to offer smart folders that you can label as you wish and with multiple tags as well. Although Yahoo! Mail offers keyboard shortcuts which is a pretty cool feature. As far as the spam filter goes, Yahoo! Mail grabs and collects any junk mail in a spam folder with 15 filters for incoming mail. The keyboard shortcuts act like desktop interface and give attention to detail. These features nearly make up for the lack of smart folders and weak spam filtering protection.


Hotmail EmailCurrently Windows Live Hotmail offers 5 GB of online storage. This storage capacity is constantly changing and growing however. Windows Live Hotmail does not have a very effective spam folder nor does Windows Live Hotmail have IMAP access to online folders. Windows Live Hotmail does however have fast search capabilities, an extremely easy and user-friendly interface and POP access. The security with Windows Live Hotmail is standard email security.


GMX EmailWith 5 GB of storage space GMX Mail free email service is reliable and effective and does a pretty decent job of filtering spam into the junk folder. GMX Mail free email service also utilizes a rich web interface and POP and IMAP from an email program via the desktop. GMX is lacking in the areas of organization and folders for incoming mail. Email service a free email service that offers the world’s smallest email ID. Imagine having an email ID like, sounds great isn’t it? It does sound great because that’s not all. is part of the Network18 Ventures, a very popular company. offers cool email features and advanced anti-spam features to keep you save from spam-emails and fraudulent/phishing emails. The email interface is great looking and fast. Enjoy the shortest email ID in the world. Schedule mails to go out in the future. Set reminders and greetings for yourself and your friends. Upload and share up to 10GB of files with your friends and family. Access apps like Cricket Score, RSS Reader, Stock Portfolio, or previews of your Gmail, Yahoo and other mail accounts.

AOL Mail

AOL EmailAOL Mail free email service is AOL (America Online) free web based email service. The service offers unlimited storage which is always a great feature as well as very efficient spam filter protection. AIM Mail has a very effective and functional IMAP and POP access. Features that AIM Mail could benefit from would be smart folders, message threading and label makers. Access Your E-mail anywhere – Send and receive messages from your mobile device. Integrated Buddy List – Send friends an instant message with just one click.


Zenbe EmailWhile Zenbe hasn’t been around long enough to make a huge name for itself it is a highly competitive free email provider among today’s free email services. Zenbe designers focused on elegance and simplicity which makes it extremely user friendly and not clouded down with unnecessary applications. Calendar, to-do list, Facebook updates and Twitter are all Zenbe Mail Personal free email service features. Another feature of Zenbe Mail Personal is that the service actually organizes your attachments and emails for you. There are many shortcuts that someone should have thought about a long time ago but the spam filter could be a bit stronger and would be nice if IMAP access was available for more than just the inbox.

Gawab free email service has made a reputation for itself as being very fast, consistent and user-friendly. Gawab .com also has 10 GB of online storage space which is twice the amount of storage space of the standard free email service. Missing from free email service is IMAP access to labels and you cannot search through messages by full message. You can search through your messages by sender, date, subject and size as well as a few other criteria besides full message. You can however, access a free email account in any desktop email program through utilizing the IMAP or POP. free email services also feature the ability to download mail from POP and IMAP accounts. You can then send mail from these addresses.

Inbox MailWith free email service you have the standard 5 GB of online email storage as well as POP access. The best features of free email service are that it is very fast and effective as well as functional to access the internet. You can conduct very fast searches and read mail by conversation not solely ‘sent’ or ‘to’. Another criticism of free email service is the service does not support mail that is encrypted nor does it support digital signatures. provides users with a solid spam filtering protection system and virus filtering as well.

Fast Mail

Fastmail EmailFastMail offers a good interface and IMAP access however does fall a bit short in the category of spam filtering for FastMail free accounts. FastMail Guest Account free email service provides users with 10 GB of storage space this is twice the space of the average free email service. It has been said that FastMail offers elegant and powerful web based access to email as well. Users can also retrieve email from other accounts and send to any email address from their FastMail Guest Account free email service.


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