Top Ten Webmaster Tools

Top Ten Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools has always been a hot topic among webmasters and entrepreneurs. In layman language, webmaster tools help us work around our website(s) for better results and better conversions. However, if I were to write on the topic, explaining in detail what actually webmaster tools can do for a webmaster, perhaps I will end up writing a huge book. More or less, we are all aware of what webmaster tools can do for us when it comes to winning success in this competitive world of internet. And certainly, I’m not going to talk about the Google webmaster tools, Yahoo webmaster tools or other such tools that are extremely popular NOT because they are the best. There are far better webmaster tools available but haven’t been discussed enough because you, me and most of the crowd needs easy, free solutions. But if you are running a serious business, you will step beyond the hype and explore what your competitors haven’t yet!

Assuming that you already know a good deal about webmaster tools, familiarize yourself with this top ten list of best webmaster tools. The list is compiled ‘majorly’ after reading thousands of user views, reviews and testimonials left by webmasters on websites, forums and blogs across the internet.

1 Omnistar eTools

Omnistar eTools webmaster tool is based on software solutions. Claiming to be the global leader in web software for businesses Omnistar eTools is used by more than 6,000 companies, businesses and organizations globally. The company guarantees the software will do four things; increase productivity of your web site, quickly integrate all features and benefits of your web site, build customer loyalty to your web site and increase revenue immediately upon inception for your company.

2 Compete webmaster tool service offers industry category profiles which are sure to increase your market share, benchmark and track industry trends. services also offer behavioral segments which will assist you in finding your target audience and identity marketing opportunities. Other features of are: unlimited access reports for multiple users which allow you to access limitless data and all of the other tools offered by The site also features dedicated customer support and training, continuing education and full-time customer support from the team of experts.

3 Clicktale

Clicktale took website analytics to whole new level with its ultimate features. The forward-thinking internet company decided to combine webmaster tool services with a web analytics revolution wherein you can see every mouse-movement your visitors make on your website. This ensures that your marketing department can clearly see the benefits and features to your site which are drawing people in. Other features of Clicktale analytics are that you can actually watch your browser’s sessions with the use of video-recording tool and in turn analyze visitor-behavior even better. You can also see every interaction, hover, hesitation and learn the problem fields which cause visitors to leave your web site.

4 Spyfu

SpyFu webmaster tool was designed completely to be a completely original and unique online service and webmaster tool. SpyFu will spy on your online competitors and download competitor’s keywords and adwords. Could there be anything better on the market by way of internet marketing? SpyFu features a SpyFu University which is a complete question and answer forum complete with FAQs and all the knowledge and assistance a business owner or marketing director could need. A completely unique and fabulous feature to the Spy Fu web site is they offer sneak-peeks at various Top Ten lists such as Top Ten SEO (google. Amazon, yahoo) and Top Ten SEM spenders (ebay, expedia, geico) you get the picture!

5 Bold Chat

Boldchat is one of the leading online companies that guarantee a 30 day return on investment. With three different packages to choose from Boldchat is the perfect webmaster tool for the new small business owner or the experienced business owner. The premier package that is offered comes standard with the most chat time available by Boldchat and automatic chat distribution as well as active co-browsing and pro-active invites. Boldchat also utilizes the latest in Salesforce integration.

6 Interspire

Interspire webmaster tool was designed as web software inspired by the average web site user. This means you! Interspire offers many different products and services. Some of the products offered by Interspire are the email marketer agency edition, email marketer, shopping cart, website publisher and knowledge master. The website publisher enables the user to publish flexible websites quickly and with an ideal content manager. The shopping cart software is search engine optimized and user friendly functional and the email marketer is a complete email marketer complete with autoresponder software.

7 Web Assist

WebAssist webmaster tools ensures it will build better web sites, faster. With WebAssist you can use a pre-built solution, build multiple stores, provide everything your customers expect in an online store, and spend less time setting up and more time selling. Recently they came out with a new product and service called the Essential Suite. The Essential Suite offered by WebAssist is a premium collection of Dreamweaver extensions. These Dreamweaver extensions are for enhanced web design and development. The company also offers Dreamweaver templates and pre-built PHP scripts that are specific to your company or web site.

8 CGI Central

At CGI-Central the employees and web staff are web technology expert providing services and solutions for web site performance and productivity. CGI-Central software packages include easy installation, interaction with customers, intuitive user interface, clean and customizable code as well as responsible and around the clock support and customer service. The two main focuses of the company are membership solutions and custom development and you can be assured you will be treated like an individual company with specific needs and not just a random number. Another featured product from CGI-Central is their flagship product A Member Pro.

9 Blogreach

Blogreach webmaster tool is specifically designed to get your targeted audience to your blog. Blogreach is a free service in exchange for downloaded and inserting a small Blogreach program in the side menu of the menu on your blog or layout on your blog. This Blogreach program will promote any news updates and latest headlines from other people’s blogs as well as promote your on their blogs. Blogreach will allow you to reach thousands of visitors in an instant. The Blogreach widget is fully customizable. Did I mention that Blogreach webmaster tool is free?

10 Help me find out the 10th

I have listed 9 TOP webmaster tools and I’m not sure which webmaster tool should take the 10th spot in this list. If you have any recommendation(s) for the 10th spot, please recommend it by leaving a comment below with a reason why you think the webmaster tool should be included in this list. I will be happy to include it in the list.


  1. Hi Andrew,
    Thankyou for your recommendation. I checked Olark and it seems to be great service for webmasters. I will wait for more recommendations though before updating the 10th spot.

    Ashley Long,
    My Profile,

  2. Good day Andrew,

    Thankyou for the recommendation.
    Please feel free to signup and perhaps write more about Olark.
    It seems to be a great service for webmasters.


  3. Thanks for the BoldChat shout-out, Ashley! From our smallest customer to the largest, they all tell us that BoldChat is a cost-effective way to drive sales and achieve competitive advantage over sites that don’t offer live chat. You’re invited to try BoldChat free for 10 days at or drop me a line at if you’d like more info.

    Also, we’d like to submit LiveLook ( our pick for the 10th webmaster tool. It offers co-browsing and screen sharing that’s web based, so it’s an easy way for users to share users documents, images, photos, etc., in real time while they’re on the phone or on a chat.

  4. Clicktale, Boldchat and Spyfu are the best among this list. These are the best tools you can’t ignore if you are running a serious business.

  5. Hi Jillian,
    Thankyou for joining the discussion. Appreciate you took out time to provide useful information about BoldChat. Also, thankyou for the recommendation. I will request Ashley to check if it makes up for the list of best webmaster tools.

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