Best WordPress Themes Packages

Best WordPress Themes Packages

WordPress is one of the best free CMS available for setting up blogs and/or websites. We earlier wrote an article about the best top ten content management systems and it is fair enough to list WordPress at #1. WordPress is extremely flexible in terms of design and coding. This article is to introduce you with the top ten wordpress themes websites where you can find high quality wordpress themes for your new blog. Here is another top ten list of best wordpress themes websites. Which is your favorite?


Studiopress is one of the best wordpress themes websites where you can find professional wordpress themes for your wordpress blog/website. WordPress is perfect for anyone who wants to establish a professional online presence and a great start-up website for a small business. Studiopress themes features include widget-ready, advertising-ready, professional, search engine optimized, easy to use theme options, lifetime support and detailed theme tutorials. Studiopress is a professional service for internet marketing campaigns, blog design, web design, content management and search engine optimization. Studiopress has created many top quality themes including Magazine 1.0 Theme, Church 4.0 Theme and Lifestyle 4.0 Theme. At Studiopress, you can buy membership that allows you to download and use any of their themes, a great option if you wish to setup many blogs. If you are a web developer, Studiopress package can help you create professional blogs for your clients. They have the best wordpress magazine themes and best business wordpress themes.


ElegantThemes wordpress themes are uniquely complete with integrity and quality. The ElegantThemes wordpress themes are just that – Elegant. Aside from being classic and elegant in style the software has built a reputation for being completely easy to use. Each wordpress theme is released with valid XHTML and CSS. Elegant Themes is also very affordable and offers unlimited access for only $19.95 per month. Other features of ElegantThemes wordpress themes are, they focus on support and the community, provide cross-browser compatibility and intuitive theme options which enable the user to take full control of their blog.


WooThemes wordpress themes have been perfected over time and are built on a solid and functional code framework. They have recently been re-designed to allow a user to control all theme options and multiple themes styles. Woo Themes themes will take you hardly any time at all with its user friendly interface and support forums for questions and feedback. Woo Themes has made a promise to its clients to introduce two new themes every month for enhanced and improved wordpress themes. With Woo Themes you are sure to have a fresh looking blog every time. WordPress developers can take advantage of their professional and search engine optimized themes to build blogs quickly and easily, for their clients.


RichWP offers wordpress themes that are widget ready, easy to install and setup. They offer complete documentation for their professionally optimized themes for best search engine results and offers threaded comments support. Additionally, Rich WP has extremely fast responding customer service and product support. RichWP stands to its name by providing exceptionally good looking and professional wordpress themes. Web developers can purchase their package to access all available themes. They frequently release new themes and web developers can build blogs for their clients using these cool wordpress themes.


OmniTheme is a premium service providing gorgeous wordpress themes, a perfect choice for MySpace and Facebook users looking to create their own website or blog. OmniTheme wordpress themes are affordable, user friendly, widget ready, available in four colors and compatible with latest wordpress version. Additionally, OmniTheme features Premium wordpress themes complete with Twitter updates as well as constantly updating looks for Facebook and MySpace. OmniTheme provides wonderful customer support and is really helpful when you are deciding a new theme for your blog. Web developers can create client blogs quickly with OmniTheme themes package.


BlogOhBlog is one of the best wordpress themes website where you can find gorgeous wordpress themes with advanced Ajax functionality and highly search engine optimized themes. The BlogOhBlog designers roll out a fresh gorgeous theme every week or two. They are really consistent with creating new themes with ultimate designs and functionality. BlogOhBlog is highly recommended among the top wordpress theme designers. If you wish to know more about BlogOhBlog’s wordpress themes, checkout their latest release Premium WordPress Theme Webpress, an amazing theme available in 3 stunning colors.


Solo Stream WordPress is exceptional at what they do and that is, design and provide cost effective and easy to use wordpress themes for small business owners that allow these small business owners to make a name for themselves and spending less time doing so. Solo Stream offers fresh and new wordpress themes that are built to work with wordpress versions 2.2 and above. Their themes are search engine optimized and professional. Web developers can quickly build blogs for their clients with SoloStream wordpress themes.


Press75 Professional wordpress themes are used by millions of bloggers/webmasters around the globe because their themes are user-friendly, professional and highly search engine optimized. With Press75 you can get Theme packages at a discount as well as assistance choosing which themes to choose for your web site. Press75 offers a Video Flick which is a video game that features a gallery design. This gallery design gives users on your site access to more content. Press75 also features Urban Elements Theme which is for the abstract and grunge customers. This theme boasts customization and management options ideal for anyone. If you are into website designing, purchasing a Press75 package can be extremely useful. You can create professional wordpress blogs within a few hours and deliver projects to your clients quickly.


ThemeForest offers great quality HTML templates, wordpress themes, joomla templates, flash sites, PSD templates, javascripts and PHP scripts. ThemeForest is a heaven for webmasters and web developers. Starting at just $10 you can purchase a template for your website. They also have a number of gorgeous and professional Web 2.0 wordpress themes. ThemeForest also offers theme showcase services where blog designers can submit their themes and get popularity in the blogging world. With a ThemeForest package, you can’t go wrong. The benefits range from personal website HTML templates to professional business wordpress themes.


WP Remix offers more than 50 different templates that are strategically designed and custom coded. WP Remix wordpress themes will save you time and money. Their themes are highly customizable, professional, search engine optimized and easy to configure. WP Remix has been used around the world and is one of the most functional wordpress services. WP Remix themes allow you to create and edit pages in Visual Editor like a CMS. Web developers can easily and quickly create top quality professional wordpress blogs for their clients using WP Remix wordpress themes.


  1. Wow, those are really good themes on these sites. I have been thinking of setting up a personal wordpress blog and I will consider a theme from one of these designers. Good article.

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  3. What do you think about Thesis theme? I’m little bit confused to choose between thesis and solostream, which one is better? I try to compare them before I buy one of themes.

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