Best Wholesale Diamond Rings

Best Wholesale Diamond Rings


There are many stores online where you can find wholesale diamond rings in different styles, however, if you are looking for the best jewelry stores, we have some recommendations that could help you find the latest, in-fashion and trendy diamond rings at lowest prices. When it comes to bulk buying, deciding a particular jewelry store may be a daunting task. There are various factors that are involved in buying diamonds and diamond rings. A few factors are: quality of diamonds, clarity of diamonds, weight of diamonds and they should be finely cut to have that perfect shape. These factors generally affect the price of diamonds. If you are planning to purchase wholesale diamond rings and have the best quality at reasonable prices, here are a few recommendations for you.

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1 Price Rock

PriceRock holds the crown for offering the best wholesale diamond rings at highly discount prices. With years of experience in creating stylish diamonds jewelry, Pricerock is one of the most recommended online jewelry store. Choose from different style rings in various diamond rings jewelry categories: Engagement rings, wedding rings, women’s diamond rings, rings with blue diamonds and men’s diamond rings.

2 Sea Of Diamonds

SeaOfDiamonds is among the best stores offering wholesale diamond rings at cheapest prices with 100% satisfaction rate. If you have a taste for the most stylish and fine cut diamonds, SeaOfDiamonds has the best diamond rings at wholesale.

3 Crown Jewelers

CrownJewelers has been selling diamond jewelry in the US market since over 10 years. They also offer jewelry financing options and credit card with limits up to $2500. Also choose from hundreds of gorgeous diamond rings and diamond jewelry at wholesale prices.

4 Diva Diamonds

Diva Diamonds is a well known diamonds wholesale merchant offering stylish, trendy and affordable wholesale diamond rings. They have thousands of designs and styles to choose from, you will be amazed at the designs and prices for sure.

5 Dream Of Jewelry

DreamOfJewelry is one of the most favorite stores of women in the US. Not only their diamond rings have the best quality diamonds, but also the prices are rocking low. Be it any style or type, they have it in the store ready to be shipped. Visit DreamOfJewelry to see their vast collection of bridal diamond rings and men’s diamond rings. A perfect store for wholesale diamond rings.

6 Overstock Jeweler

Overstock Jewelers are well known for releasing new styles frequently. If you like to stay up with the latest designs and fashion, they have the best diamond jewelry in the online store. Prices are extremely competitive and lower than most online diamond jewelry stores. One of the most recommended stores for wholesale diamond rings.

7 Jewel Basket

Be it wholesale diamond rings, wholesale diamond engagement rings or wholesale diamond jewelry, JewelBasket has everything that you would love to add to your shopping basket. If you are a merchant who is looking to shop for wholesale diamond rings, this is one of the most recommended stores to make your investment. Best prices, free shipping and more.

8 Topasio

Although Topasio has a wide selection of all kinds of jewelry, they do have a dedicated section to showcase high quality diamond rings. They have uniquely organized diamond rings in different sections as per the diamond types which makes it even easier to choose your favorite designs. Investing on wholesale diamond rings at Topasio can be highly profitable because of the lowest prices as compared to other diamond jewelry stores.

9 Fantasy Jewelry Box

Fantasy Jewelry Box has pretty good range of diamond jewelry items. If you have taste for antique diamond jewelry, you will find all that you need at FantasyJewelryBox. Find the best antique diamond rings in their online catalog. if you have customers who love buying antique jewelry, FantasyJewelryBox can be helpful in finding the best wholesale diamond rings at reasonable prices.

10 Goldia

Goldia has the most elegant diamond and gold jewelry inventory. Goldia offers a wide variety of finely cut diamond engagement rings, diamond rings and other diamond jewelry at retail and wholesale. Since they sell thousands of items daily, they squeeze their profit margins to minimum, this is the reason a lot of wholesale merchants make their purchase at Goldia. If you are looking for wholesale diamond rings at discount prices, Goldia is among the best stores.

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