Top Ten Enterprise and Small Business Antivirus

Top Ten Enterprise and Small Business Antivirus


Computer security is one of the most important factors of running a successful business. To protect your data at enterprise level, you need the best enterprise antivirus software that can ensure maximum protection to your data and network. Enterprises spend millions of dollars in employing the best manpower, hardware, infrastructure, technology and more, to run a business. Security trends show that with the increase in phishing and virus threats online, it is very important to employ the best antivirus software for your business computers. I researched on various antivirus and security software available that offer enterprise level protection, here is a list of the top 10 antivirus software for business and enterprises. This list is based on my research, reviews of antivirus software on the internet on various sites and other success stories listed on trustworthy websites.

BitDefender Business Solutions

BitDefender Business SolutionsProtection Level: stars
Features: Budget friendly, robust and reliable antivirus software for enterprises
More Info: BitDefender Business Solutions
A name that you will hear over and again in the security world, BitDefender provides one of the best budget friendly security solutions for your business needs. BitDefender has tailored business and enterprise antivirus and security software into different categories. BitDefender offer Product Suites such as: Small office security, business security, SBS (Small Business Server) security and corporate security. BitDefender also offers software for workstation and workstation management, file server security software, mail server security software, gateway security software and Online backup software. All these software components have been optimized to provide maximum security to your business or enterprise computers, while staying low on system resources.

ESET Enterprise Security

ESET Enterprise SecurityProtection Level: stars
Features: Fast with intrusion and threat detection, easy on computer/server resources
More Info: ESET Enterprise Solutions
ESET Enterprise Security software is well known for more than one reason. ESET provides enterprise-ready software which means, the software is pre-configured with best options that are needed to provide instant protection the minute your IT team installs it. The security software includes the award winning Remote Administrator, Antivirus and Antispyware. With industry leading proactive malware detection, ESET reduces your attack surface, reducing help-desk loads. And because it’s blazing fast, it can even extend the useful life of PCs and laptops. ESET provides one of the fastest security software that is amazingly easy on system resources while providing world class security for your business computers. In 2008, they launched the antivirus for mobile which gained a lot of popularity among mobile users. ESET holds a number of awards and Inc. Magazine named ESET to 2007 list of America’s 500 fastest-growing private companies.

Kaspersky Business Solutions

Kaspersky Business SolutionsProtection Level: stars
Features: Fast, Reliable and Robust Antivirus software.
More Info: Kaspersky Business Solutions
Kaspersky is a pioneer among the world class Enterprise antivirus software providers since years. Kaspersky business solutions provide maximum level security against phishing attacks, virus threats and malware that can compromise the security of data on business computers. Malware and worms are dangerous and most harmful, even worse than viruses. Kaspersky Open Space Security software and Targeted Security software are designed to provide effective protection for specific components of a network, be the Workstations, File Servers, Mail Servers, or Gateways. Kaspersky business solutions cover up different network components like, security for desktops, laptops, smartphones, file servers, mail servers, internet gateways and more.

Symantec Enterprise Solutions

Symantec Enterprise SolutionsProtection Level: stars
Features: Oldest and most reliable antivirus and security software for enterprises
More Info: Symantec Enterprise Solutions
Symantec is one of the oldest and most experienced company in the field of computer security. Symantec proactively protect data and endpoints across the organization by providing a robust business and enterprise security software. Simplify endpoint security management and lower TCO by combining protection with enforcement. With the top security software on your business computers, improve threat monitoring and reduce the administrative burden of protecting endpoints against known and unknown threats. Symantec offers various levels of security software solution which includes: Endpoint protection, Endpoint encryption, Protection suite enterprise edition, Network access control, Critical system protection, Mobile security for Symbian and more.

Trend Micro Endpoint Solutions

Trend Micro Endpoint SolutionsProtection Level: stars
Features: Robust Antivirus software for Windows and MAC business computers
More Info: Trend Micro Endpoint Solutions
Trend Micro enterprise business solutions include security software options depending upon the type of business and size of the organization. When it comes to providing endpoint security, Trend Micro has tailored solutions that can easily meet your requirements and budget. The Trend Micro HouseCall free virus scan is popular among home computer users. Trend Micro enterprise antivirus software offers OfficeScan Client-Server suite, Endpoint security platform, Deep security for servers, LeakProof, ServerProtect and Security for Macintosh. If you have Mac computers employed at your organization, Trend Micro security software can meet your requirements at the best. Trend Micro OfficeScan 10 provides immediate protection for up to 10,000 endpoints, including desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, and storage devices. The Endpoint Security Platform supports up to 250,000 endpoints with dedicated security or combined security and systems management on a single platform.

Sunbelt Software – Vipre Enterprise

Sunbelt Software - Vipre EnterpriseProtection Level: stars
Features: Fast, Reliable and Robust Antivirus software
More Info: Sunbelt Software and Enterprise Solutions
When you are deciding to purchase business or enterprise antivirus software, you should make sure that the software should not be too heavy on resources. Where a fast and reliable antivirus software can add up to your success and growth, a resource hogging antivirus software can make your computer drastically slow. Sunbelt’s security software called Vipre Enterprise is designed to use minimum system resources, yet provide maximum security against malware and other forms of threats that may target your business computers and important data. Recently, Sunbelt won VB100 award for malware detection on Windows 7 platform. Vipre Enterprise is power packed with some of the best features like: Active ProtectionTM and anti-rootkit technology, the real-time behavioral malware analysis for zero-day threat protection and more.

Norman Endpoint Solutions

Norman Endpoint SolutionsProtection Level: stars
Features: Highly compatible antivirus that works with most Operating Systems
More Info: Norman Business Solutions
Norman Endpoint Protection is a state of the art security software for business and enterprises that supports a lot of operating systems. You don’t have to worry about upgrading or changing the operating system on your business computers. It supports Windows 2000, Windows 2003 (32 and 64 bit), Windows XP (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit), Windows 2008 (32 and 64 bit). Norman security solutions are designed to be easy on system resources while providing excellent security against virus and malware threats. Norman Endpoint Protection (NPRO) is an IT security defense system that exceeds today’s security challenges and protects against tomorrow’s criminal attacks on laptops, desktops and servers. This ensures a fast, robust and reliable enterprise antivirus software solution for business computers.

AVG Business Security

AVG Business SecurityProtection Level: stars
Features: Extremely fast antivirus software that goes easy on system resources
More Info: AVG Business Security Solutions
AVG business and enterprise solutions include two forms of security for your network and workstations. The AVG Internet Security Network Edition 8.5 and the AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition 8.5 protects your workstations and servers so you can focus on your business. Internet Security not only ensures your business is safe from viruses, worms, spyware, and other traditional threats, but also gives you LinkScanner® to safeguard your valuable data against the latest cyberthreats. With AVG security solutions, you are sure to have the best vital protection that goes beyond traditional anti-virus software. AVG software is very light on system resources, providing the fastest monitoring and intrusion detection. This ensures a fast, robust and reliable enterprise antivirus software solution for business computers.

Total Defense Business Security

TotalDefense Enterprise SolutionsProtection Level: stars
Features: Highly customizable security and IT Management software
More Info: Total Defense Business Security Solutions
Total Defense is rapidly gaining popularity among home users and business users because of the constant growth of their software. Security software should provide different customization options as per user levels in your organization. The Total Defense IT Management and security software provides a robust platform that can be customized with different policies for users at different levels. Once you customize a policy for a particular user or a group of users, you can lock it to ensure all users at that level follow the same security policy. This is a wonderful feature that helps you design policies that are not only user friendly but also provides maximum protection by authorizing users/user groups to access only those applications/resources that are allowed to them as per your organization’s policies.

Avast SBS and Business Solutions

Avast SBS and Business SolutionsProtection Level: stars
Features: Budget friendly, robust, reliable and fast antivirus software for business computers
More Info: AVAST Business and Enterprise Solutions
Packed in one security software, Avast offers complete security suites for desktops and servers, which include antivirus protection, protection against spyware and the newest threats. Avast works flawless on all Windows based computers. Avast! antivirus software is certified by both ICSA Labs and West Coast Labs Checkmark, which ensures the quality of their enterprise level antivirus software. The best features of Avast antivirus include fast monitoring and intrusion detection, easy on system resources, constant daily updates and more. The daily updates help the software handle complex situations as new viruses and malware hits the internet. Also, Avast! has already won the “Compatible with Windows 7″ logo because they are quick with updating their software. This ensures a fast, robust and reliable enterprise antivirus software solution for business computers.


  1. I have run into the Kaspersky antivirus many a times this month, I’m looking for a good antivirus and everyone seems to be talking about Kaspersky and BitDefender. Not sure about the Sunbelt antivirus, but seems like it would be a good option for corporates and enterprises.
    Good list of top 10 antivirus software for business and enterprises.

  2. I see Kaspersky Antivirus is taking the first spot everywhere. Everyone seems to be recommending Kaspersky security.

  3. We have 15 computers at business and our network is covered with Kaspersky security. We had BitDefender business security earlier but it didn’t go very well with protecting our systems. Since the time we’ve been using Kaspersky, we never encountered any problems at all. It is fast and keeps our computers secure against virus/spyware threats. Our tech team says that it is very easy to configure kaspersky. So, two thumbs for Kaspersky Security!

  4. Kaspersky, ESET and Sunbelt are really good and guess it would be good to have them on your business/corporate computers but my personal experience at work, Norton creates problems at times. 21 computers stopped working just because Norton security locked us out.

  5. Strange, no one is recommending Norman??
    We have tried many different antivirus software for our corporate computers. Norman Endpoint Solutions is the best though, IMO. Norman is not only secure but also very cost effective. All other security solutions cost a lot but Norman is reasonably priced, if not cheap (I believe, it is cheap as compared to other costly software).

  6. Avira is good but not the best enterprise security solution. There are better than Avira out there. ESET security is the best indeed because it is fast and efficient.

  7. My personal experience is that Kaspersky and ESET business security are fast and easy on resources. Bitdefender is also good and right now it is on 20% discount, so should think about saving some money.

  8. hi every one.
    thank you for this review. you write it on the proper time.
    I must write a report to compare two major antivirus that used for the enterprises and write thier features and pros and cons of them finally, i must choose one of the two antivirus and explain why i choose it.

    My question, Can any one vote for the best two enterprises antivirus?

    Thank you

  9. Dejaste unos de los mejores antivirus McAfee, Segun Gatner y las grandes entidades financieras lo recomiendan por si integridad con otras soluciones y por gran consola de administracion.

  10. hi…theres n othing mentioned about Sophos, uses I.D.E family threat
    usb intergration, how does this rate with these top 10, i thought it was great!..anyone know any weaknesses with it, why its not mentioned

  11. Most computers have Microsoft Windows operating system. Considering that you have same. First of all you use Microsoft Windows OS. Then you use Microsoft Office for most of your documentation. Then you use Microsoft Internet Explorer for browsing. And now you are talking about using Microsoft Forefront Security! You tell me, how good is it to put all of your eggs in one basket?

  12. Forefront requires Microsoft System Center Configuration Manger server, which is expensive and complex to implement. We are looking to switch from Symantec SEP to either Kapersky or ESET.

  13. I do not recommend Vipre Anti-Virus, the client is not fast at all. There are no notifications that one may setup so that emails are sent out once agents go off line or break (numerous times I’ll go to a user’s machine and its client will not start up and I have to mess around with reg-keys, delete policy and agent configurations, just too messy). The worst and most annoying part about it is that with no matter what kind of insignificant update is applied to agents…it ALWAYS requires a reboot which gets really frustrating. My company is in charge of replacing it with something else this fiscal….I’ve been looking at Symantec, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and even Malware Bytes….they’ve recently come out with a Enterprise level suite which seems promising but this is their first iteration so who knows what can happen (I’ve never had a single problem with their consumer level product…its probably one of the best if not the best out there)

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