Ten Micro RC Helicopters You Would Love To Fly

Ten Micro RC Helicopters You Would Love To Fly


Remote Controlled Helicopters are a lot of fun and perhaps the best hobby toys among other toys. RC helicopters are my favorite too and specially those tiny micro heli are simply amazing! Since I’m looking for a new micro remote controlled helicopter, I thought of compiling a list of the best micro RC helicopters that are worth spending money. If you are a first time buyer, there are a few things that are worth consideration. There are factors to consider that can be really helpful while buying a micro RC heli. So if you are wondering which micro RC helicopter is best for beginners or intermediate, read below to find some useful information. Also, while compiling this list, I considered points like which micro helicopters are good for kids. This list is based on my research and the micro RC helicopter reviews I found on various sites, blogs and forums.

Micro RC Helicopters are small, compact and advanced toys that are a lot of fun. These advanced toys are perfect gifting idea for people of all ages, male and female. This best micro RC helicopters review will provide you the necessary information you should know about these awesome small toys. This review will also help you in understanding the different types of micro RC helicopters and will introduce you to the top ten micro RC helicopters.

What are micro RC helicopters

micro RC helicopters

If you are reading this, I believe, you already know what are RC helicopter toys. However, for those who don’t know, micro RC helicopters are nothing but smaller version of a regular helicopter. Micro RC helicopters are compact in size and are generally so compact that they can fit within your palm and this is the reason, micro are also called mini RC helicopters. Although they are small in size, but do not underestimate their capabilities. These small helicopters are power packed with the same engine, efficiency and equipment that a regular helicopter is equipped with. Micro RC helicopters are not only cheaper in terms of pricing, also these little toys are a lot of fun. And that’s what makes them a wonderful gifting idea for this Christmas. Kids love micro helicopters and if you are planning to gift something to your child, these advanced toys are the best.

Types of micro RC helicopters

Micro RC helicopters are available in different sizes and with different capabilities. Generally, RC helicopters are differentiated by the number of channels they have. So these are different types of micro helicopters:

  • Micro 6 channel RC helicopters
  • Micro 4 channel RC helicopters
  • Micro 3 channel RC helicopters
  • 200 size micro RC helicopters
  • 250 size micro RC helicopters
  • 300 size micro RC helicopters

Features of micro RC helicopters

micro RC helicopter features

Micro RC helicopters are light-weight, compact and offer an extremely controlled flight as compared to other remote controlled helicopters. Because of the ease and quality of flight micro helicopters offer, these machines are popular among savvy hobbyists. Secondly, being smaller in size, these toys can be used indoors too. Unlike bulky RC toys, these toys are small and cheaper than conventional RC helicopters. Since these are cheaper in terms of price, these toys are among the most gifted toys on occasions like Christmas and other special occasions. Did I mention, kids love them? You bet, kids would almost scream in joy when they see something so special before them.

Best Micro RC Helicopters

Here is a list of the best micro RC helicopters that are available at Amazon toys and hobby store. They have the best selection of hobby toys and wonderful prices in the clearance section. If you haven’t checked the discounted heli store at Amazon, click below to check it now and buy the top heli at dirt low prices.

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1 Mini G200 micro RC helicopter

The mini G200 micro RC helicopter is among the top of the line micro helicopters. Power packed with advanced features and high performance parts, the G200 is the first choice of RC helicopter hobbyists. What makes this helicopter special is that it is built with the latest technlogoy 2.4 Ghz. The body is built with strong fiber glass frame that makes it strong and tough.

2 Art-Tech 6 CH Genius 250 3D electric micro RC helicopter

A wonder micro RC helicopter, most popular, advanced and equipped with the best technology, Art Tech 6 channel Genius 250 3D electric helicopter is one among the most recommended RC helicopter of the modern era. Rich from not only looks and design but also provides the best and most stable flight experience.

3 Gaui Hurricane 200SD (Shaft Driven) micro RC helicopter

Gaui Hurricane 200 is one of the most popular micro RC helicopters among the latest models. This is a sub-micro sized heli (smaller than a T-Rex 450) and ideal as a fully 3D indoor heli, or even for full 3D outdoors in light winds. It comes fully built with motor, ESC and blades, just install radio gear and go fly. One important feature of RC helicopters is the 3D capability which means that the helicopter shouldn’t only move up/down and forward/backward.

4 Gaui Hurricane 200 (Belt Driven) micro RC helicopter

Gaui Hurricane 200 Belt Driven is another version of the Hurricane series that is very popular among hobbyists and micro RC helicopter lovers. There isn’t much of a difference between the Hurricane 200SD and Hurricane 200BD. The GAUI 200 is high performance sub-micro Heli with all-CNC components and Carbon Fiber frame. The Gaui is the only sub Micro RC Helicopter that flies just like a 400 size machine.

5 Walkera HM 4-3B micro RC helicopter

Walkera is a well known manufacturer of RC toys. The Walkera HM 4-3B micro RC helicopter is equipped with high performance brushless motor, electronic speed controller, high speed tail motor, redesigned body frame, 2.4GHz advanced radio system, metal swashplate, metal blade clamp and metal rotor head. This gorgeous RC helicopter comes in a ready-to-fly package with all the necessary equipment inside to take it off the ground the minute you receive it.

6 Dynam E-Razor 250 Pro micro RC helicopter

Dynam E-Razor 250 Pro micro RC helicopter is another wonderful advanced hobby toy that comes ready-to-fly the minute you receive it. This helicopter offers 3D flying capabilities with powerful 6 channel transmitter. Since it is direct-belt-driven, this helicopter less electricity to fly and is way quite in comparison to other helicopters. The simple, separate servo-frame is easy to install.

7 Walkera 4#3Q Metal Red micro RC helicopter

Walkera 4#3Q Metal Red micro RC helicopter is a new generation palm size helicopter equipped with scale canopy, 2.4Ghz advanced radio system and metal upgrades. To compare it with other palm size helicopters, 4#3Q offers more stable, silence and smoother flight. It is not a 2-channels toy, it is a serious rc helicopter for players from intermediate to experts. It is not only rich in looks but it is powerful and you can experience that as you first take it off the ground.

8 Walkera HM 4-3B Metal Edition TX-2601 micro RC helicopter

Indoor helicopters are becoming bigger than ever because of the way they appeal to beginners with their cheap price tags and ease of use. The Walkera HM 4-3B Metal Edition TX-2601 micro RC helicopter is one among the best indoor micro RC helicopters that people love to own. This is a helicopter with great potential that will cater to a broad range of beginners and advanced pilots alike due to its fixed pitch design and supposedly great indoor capabilities.

9 Walkera Model 4#3Q Blue micro RC helicopter

The Walkera 4#3Q Blue is one among the most beautiful and gorgeous looking micro RC helicopters. Colored in metallic blue, the design of this gorgeous helicopter is alike the helicopter we mentioned on Number 6th position. Sharing the same attributes and features, this Walkera blue micro RC helicopter is very popular among hobbyists of all ages.

10 Exceed RC Mini Cobra – Army 2.4Ghz micro RC helicopter

If you love Army toys, the Exceed RC Mini Cobra micro RC helicopter will take you the war zone with its amazing capabilities, gorgeous design and strong body. The Mini Cobra by Exceed RC is the newest, latest, and most improved model of all micro 4-channel fixed pitch RC helicopters that have exceptional capabilities. New features for this newest version are self regulate for greater balance control, a new cabin, new rotor blades, a new rolling head, and lots more!

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