Best 4 Channel RC Helicopters

Best 4 Channel RC Helicopters


Remote Controlled Helicopters are favorite of millions of hobbyists across the globe and 4 channel RC helicopters are certainly popular for a reason. For beginners and intermediate hobbyists, stability is more important than anything else. The 4 channel RC helicopters offer greater stability and a much controlled flight. You can begin learning to fly these heli outdoors first and once you get the hang of flying them, you can take them indoors. Since the 4 Ch heli offers a lot of stability as compared to other helicopters, these are ideal for flying in small parks, lawns and indoors. One thing that I really love about these RC helicopters is that they are not only stable but also cheap as compared to bigger size helicopters. Also, if we go with a 2.4 GHz 4 Ch heli, that’s awesome because you will not only enjoy a stable flight but if you are a Pro, you can do those special maneuver tricks too. You can also install a camera on these heli and enjoy the view from your helicopter.

There are different types of 4 Channel RC helicopters:

  • Micro Size 4 Ch Helicopters
  • 4 Ch Fix-Pitch Helicopters
  • 4 Ch Co-Axial Helicopters
  • 4 Ch Tandem RC Helicopters
  • Big Scale 4 Ch CX Helicopters
  • Brushless Ready 4 Ch RC Helicopters

The micro size 4 Channel helicopters are not among the most popular but the 4 channel co-axial helicopters such as the Exceed RC Chinook 47 is very popular. Co-axial helicopters have dual rotors that provide the helicopter extra stability and a better controlled flight. The most popular are the 2.4 Ghz 4 Ch helicopters because these are not only better at stability but also very powerful. Some of these 2.4 Ghz heli offer advanced flight experience such has maneuver and aerobatic abilities. The tandem RC helicopters are also popular among beginners and intermediate hobbyists.

Here are some of the best 4 channel RC helicopters that are most admired and recommended by hobbyists around the globe.

You can find these 4 CH RC Heli here >

  1. Walkera Lama 3 4 Channel RC Helicopter with WK 2801 Pro – Perfect for beginners who want something easier and are eager to fly outdoor like an expert. It has the stability as a Co-Axial Helicopter, but also have the power to fight wind in outdoor condition.
  2. Walkera 4G6S RC Helicopter 4 Channel Heli – 4G6S is the first Palm Size Helicopter with a 3-Axis Gyro with Auto Stabilizing Technology (AST). It acts like a Co-Pilot for the helicopter, helping you to keep the helicopter stable. Amazing helicopter!
  3. Align TREX 100S Super Combo 4 Channel Mirco RC Helicopter RTF – TREX are the best and the most successful helicopters because of the outstanding quality and super low price on the market.
  4. Walkera Lama 400D RC Helicopter Yellow Version RTF – The Lama 400D looks just like the real professional RC Helicopter, but it is a Co-Axial model, which means it flies very easily, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the fun of a Flying Toy.
  5. Skyartec WASP V3 Fixed Pitch 2.4GHz – Skyartec WASP V3 is concepted to be a high performance, ease of control, stable, durable, and lightweight helicopter. Freatures: PPM control system with tail rotor, belt driven system, professional gypo and more.
  6. Walkera Lama 400D RC Helicopter Red Version RTF – The Lama 400D flies extremely well. It has oversize rotor, dual high power 380PF motors and other features that are the most powerful power system for Co-Axial Helicopter.
  7. Walkera HM CB180Q RC Helicopter (Walkera-HM-CB180Q) – Fixed Pitch Blades, 45 degree Bell Rotor Head Design, a High Power Main Motor + Tail Motor combination, Shaft Driven Tail Rotor, making the CB180Q quite easy to hover and flying around.
  8. Nine Eagles 220A Free Spirit 2.4Ghz 4 Channel – Nine Eagles 220A Free Spirit is specially built for beginners,it is the perfect choice for people who have experience on Co-Axial helis and wants a bit more challenging afterwards!
  9. CopterX CA180 4 Channel Indoor Electric RC Helicopter RTF – This 4 channel heli is designed for both new and experienced pilot who enjoy flying RC helicopters.
  10. 4 Channel 3D RC Helicopter 2.4GHz D9025 with Gyro RTF – Semi-Professional 3D helicopter with gyro, True 4 channel helicopter with 2.4GHz transmitter, Single rotor System, Two electric motors installed. LED flashing light fitted front and more features!

These are some of the top 4 channel RC helicopters. We read thousands of reviews, articles and testimonials to hand-pick these best RC helicopters out of thousands of other heli. If you have used any of these heli, please consider sharing your views and reviews about these helicopters. If you have any recommendations or want us to include a particular 4 Ch heli, please recommend it by leaving a comment below. If you loved this article, please consider sharing it with your friends and family.


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