Top 10 Kids Toys for Gifting

Top 10 Kids Toys for Gifting


Kids love toys. Toys are an important part of their childhood. Be it birthdays, festivals or any other occasions, kids love toys as gifts. Holiday season is approaching fast and you really need to decide what you wish to gift to kids. Although there are many gifting ideas to help you choose the best gifts this season, but let me enlist the top 10 kids toys for gifting this year. So if you too are shopping for gifts for your son, daughter or nephew then here is a list of top 10 kid’s toys ideas for you.

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  1. Ride on Toys – Many children want to drive cars and bikes like their parents. So why not gift them a car or a bike. The ride on toys is extremely safe to drive and have ample varieties to choose from.
  2. Video Games – A must in any top 10 kids toys list. Another favorite for kids aged above 10 years. The recipient will love your gift.
  3. Barbie Dolls – A wonderful gift for a girl child. Barbie dolls are cute and are wonderful companions for girls.
  4. Dinosaur Toys – It is also an excellent gifting idea. The dinosaur toys are available in many varieties including the simplest to the robotic ones.
  5. Board Games – The classic board games have been in the list of top 10 kids toys for ages. Games have changed but the concept has remained the same. Today you can choose many advanced games that can challenge and strengthen your kids intelligence.
  6. Inflatable Pools – The pools are great gifts for kids in summers. They can sit on these pools and can chill in refreshing water. You can also accompany him or her in the pool ride.
  7. Musical Toys – Little children love sounds. They get attracted towards it. If you looking for a gift for a toddler baby then musical toys would be a good choice.
  8. Green Toys – A good choice for kids. You have a wide range of green Kids Toys made from bamboo, organic cotton and other recycled materials.
  9. Super Hero Costumes – Costumes of super heroes like batman, spider man and super man can also be a great gift for kids.
  10. Doll Houses – The classic doll houses are excellent gifts for girls. They love to decorate and play with doll houses.

Choose from the above list and bring a big smile in a child’s face.


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