Best Free and Open Source Web Analytics Services

Best Free and Open Source Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics can provide your online business an edge over others by helping you getting an insight of your customer’s experience. So if you wish to build a website which appeals to the customers and assures you success, then the first step lies in choosing the best web analytics service depending on the requirements of your online business. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, most online businesses are well aware of how they can use the best web analytics service to their advantage. So you need to act smarter and understand the current business needs and accordingly adapt to the changing requirements. Understanding your customers can work wonders for you and help you achieve the zenith of success.

Types of Web Analytic Services

Nowadays with the growing competition, there are a number of web analytics services available. You can choose a free web analytics service or you can also opt for some of the best premium/ paid services like Clicktale Web Analytics service that I’ve explained below. Although many webmasters choose to use free analytics services however, the major disadvantage with free web analytics services is that they have limited features while paid services come with more advanced and customizable options that can bring you great deal of reporting. If you wish to stay on top of your competitors, you have to know what special they are doing and how can you use those tools to stay on top.

Free Web Analytics

  1. Google Analytics: Google is of course, the unbeatable king of the internet business. Google offers one of the best free web analytics tools through the Google Analytics service. It offers you a range of easy to use and exciting features to understand the source of traffic to your website.
  2. Yahoo Web Analytics: This is yet another tool to target a large portion of customers with its intelligent web analytics solution in terms of IndexTools and a myriad of other powerful features which connect you more with your audience and knowing them more. Although Yahoo web analytics offer a number of features, it is not the best solution as per many webmasters.
  3. Reinvigorate Snoop: Reinvigorate Snoop is basically a Java Script web analytics tool that is best suited for Mac and PC users, it is a desktop application. You need to insert the java code on every page of your website and then you can get realtime stats and notifications right on your desktop.
  4. Piwik: Piwik web analytics is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) real time web analytics software program. It is designed in PHP and MySQL. Piwik aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used on more than 150,000 websites.
  5. Blog Tracker: This tool has gained a lot of popularity attributing to the affinity of people to blogs. Blog Tracker will monitor the blog visits, blogs statistics, traffic source and a number of other web traffic essentials.

The choice of your web analytics service should greatly depend on a number of factors which include the features, traffic, referrals, reports, events, visitor details, file exporting and also tech support. I have tried a number of web analytics solutions over a number of years but I have never been that satisfied until I found Clicktale web analytics, the king of all other web analytics solutions.

ClickTale web analytics

If you wish to know what your customers exactly do inside your web pages, then ClickTale Web Analytics is the way to go! Whether it is about customer’s interaction in the web pages or checking out other resources, ClickTale Web Analytics gives you complete report regarding all. When it comes to ClickTale analytics, it can simply be defined as one of the best ways to collect and analyze the content of your website.

What’s different in ClickTale web analytics?

ClickTale web analytics has a lot in store for the business players. In Page Web Analytics is perhaps one of the most interesting features which ClickTale offers you. A look into what your customers love to do inside the web pages and the collection of quantitative information about the complete traffic would help you in optimizing the web pages accordingly. The salient features of this service include:

  • Mouse Tracking: The Mouse Tracking feature helps in tracking the mouse movements of your customer and in turn adding the elements of interest to your website, thus a simple way of maximizing your conversion rates and return on investment.
  • Real-Time Visual Visitor Feedback: This feature enables you to look into the features which would help you in increasing the conversion rates of your website thus turning the visitors of your website into potential customers.
  • Complete Transparency: The best part about using this feature is that you can keep an eye on your visitors without letting them know that they are being tracked. This will add to their comfort level helping you know more about them and their choices.
  • Global Participation: What can be as good as keeping a track of users from all over the world and having an up-to-date analysis.
  • Affordable solution: The solution is completely economical and no additional equipments or skills are needed for the same thus fulfilling all your requirements.

Clicktale Heatmap Suite

Heatmaps are basically reports which give you a visual display of regarding all what is preferred by the customers. This is one of the most economical ways to monitor thousands of users and find out what interests them more. You can come to know the importance of different areas on the websites, the preferred ones and all the ones which would attract more users.

  • Mouse Move Heatmap: This is one of the accurate ways to track thousands of users worldwide at a reasonable price.
  • Click Heatmap: This enables you to check out what links, images, text or dead space your visitors click thus letting you discover what can add to the appeal of your website.
  • Attention Heatmap: This helps you in evaluating specific areas of importance on your website which would help you in knowing the relevance of certain areas on the website. This way you can eliminate certain areas, improve the other ones and perhaps add more interesting content to the popular areas.
  • Scroll-Reach Heatmap: This helps you to know the extent to which your visitors scroll the page and thus let you determine the required length of the different webpages depending upon whether they need to be shorter or longer.

Clicktale Conversion Analytics

This is an important tool in evaluating the success or failure of the online conversion process. An easier and quicker way to maximize your conversion rates, conversion analytics is a comprehensive web analytics solution which would help you in understanding your customer’s choice.

  • Advanced Filtering: You can filter your visitors and match to their needs by watching video session playbacks of different users.
  • Conversion Funnels: This enables you to check the step where your customers leave the conversion process. You can check out different quantitative characteristics as well as qualitative data to get an insight into your visitors behaviour.
  • Form Analytics: It corresponds to five unique reports which let you know about what causes inconvenience to your customers such as long and time-consuming fields, erroneous fields and other causes that might lead your visitor to leave. Thus, bringing about changes to your webpage would certainly help you increasing your conversion rates and eliminating the frustration of your visitors.
  • Link Analytics: You can optimize your website by evaluating the visitor behavior and how they respond to hyperlinks. Eight behavioral reports are produced that let you determine the elements which would attract more and more customers to your website.

The role of these features comes in generating various reports which include:

  • Page Console: This enables you to collect the web analytics information of any webpage at one place. All you need to do is to enter the specific URL. Rest of the task is made simpler when you get access to the reports.
  • Dashboard: This is the perfect means to assess the information of the webpage with a complete detailing of other analytics. Some of the components which form a part of Dashboard include Heatmaps, Search Visitor Recordings, Real Time Site Monitor, Form Analytics and Visitor Geo-location. Such detailed analytics can help you make changes to your website to yield a better performance in the online business.
  • Page Reports: This is yet another feature which collects all the data so that you know about the most interesting pages, clicked pages, errored pages, scrolled pages and much more.

Visit the Clicktale web analytics information page for complete details on their awesome web analytics service. We wrote a popular article earlier on the top ten web analytics where Clicktale was chosen as the number 1 analytics service.


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