Top Ten Antivirus 2013 Reviews and Ratings

Top Ten Antivirus 2013 Reviews and Ratings

Top Ten Antivirus 2013 Reviews and Ratings

I have been researching on antivirus software since many years and have found great success in assessing the top antivirus programs that can provide the best security for your computer. According to a research, over 90,000 viruses, trojans and malware hit the internet every month that range from medium to high level threat. It is very important to be aware of the potential threats that can harm your computer and your data. I have tested some of the most known software to check their potential. Here are my selected top ten antivirus which are based on lab test results. Any software from these top ten antivirus software of 2013 will help you protect your computer and your privacy.


BitDefender antivirus is considered one of the best antivirus which is equipped with an award-winning technology. This software is highly recommended for home users because it not only protects you from known threats but also protects your computer from new and unknown threats. It is exemplary that BitDefender’s antivirus engines are used by several other antivirus software providers like Coranti, F-Secure, G-Data, TrustPort and more. BitDefender antivirus software has won many awards from independent companies. It has won 26 VB100 awards spanning from Jan 2009 to Jan 2012, this is a remarkable achievement! You can read detailed BitDefender antivirus review at the Software Reviews Forum where you can see real lab tests conducted on this program.

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Many people don’t know about Preventon because it is a UK based company and has been selling their antivirus software in the UK. However, now their software is available globally. I have personally tested the software and found it amazing! Preventon has scored excellent score in the top ten antivirus ratings when compared to some of the most known antivirus software. Independent software testing companies like av-test and VB100 have recently awarded them among the best companies to provide computer security.

Total Defense

Total Defense used to be the popular CA antivirus. However, Total Defense purchased the antivirus line and improved the software to make it robust and strong. Today, Total Defense is among the best antivirus and security software providers. Their all new 2013 Security Suite is capable of protecting your computer from all of the old and new viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, malware and more. Total Defense continuously works to make the software faster for the new operating systems. Their security suite won VB100 award for the best performance on Windows computers.


Auslogics is not a new player but since they do not advertise their software heavily like some of the popular antivirus companies (eg., Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, ESET, etc), they are not known to many people. However, lab tests have proved that Auslogics antivirus is among the best and the fastest antivirus programs available. It will be interesting to read a detailed Auslogics antivirus review at software reviews forum. Secondly, the price of the software is very low which convinced me to include it in this top ten antivirus listing.

IOBIT SystemCare With Antivirus

While antivirus software can protect your computer against viruses and spyware, the SystemCare component in IOBIT software will make your computer faster. Computer maintenance is one of the most important subject when it comes to dealing with computers. IOBIT has clubbed their award-winning system care software with a robust antivirus program so that you can maintain and protect your computer with one software. Talk about the savings, the software saves you loads of money for sure.


Most computer users know about Norton Antivirus because it is one of the oldest antivirus provider. Carrying years of experience, Norton has designed a complete all-in-one computer security system that takes care of all the security needs. There have been concerns over the functionality of Norton and that it slows down a computer system. Not the case in the 2013 version! Norton has tweaked their security software and made it a lot faster. The all new antivirus/security software uses very few system resources. It is worth sticking with the oldest player in the computer security arena. Norton has secured its presence in most of the top ten antivirus ratings over the internet. The only drawback consumers find is the price, its a bit expensive when compared to other programs.


Not many computer users are aware of the fact that G-Data uses two strong antivirus engines: BitDefender and Avast scanning engines. Both of the engines provide G-Data antivirus ample strength to protect your computer. However, one drawback of two scanning engines is that more system resources are used. The computer becomes a little slow with G-Data security. If you have a high-end computer system, G-Data will serve as the best protection for you! Also, G-Data and Norton are both suitable for business computers where you would love to manage all the computers on your network through just one computer.


Coranti Antivirus is also known as Coranti Multiscanning Antivirus. The software uses 4 strong security engines: BitDefender, F-Prot antivirus, Lavasoft antivirus and Lavasoft antispyware. The combination of all of these engines included in Coranti provide the end-user tremendous security against virus and spyware. However, more system resources are used that affect the performance of a computer system. If you have a faster computer or a gaming machine, Coranti is the best security software for you and definitely worth including in this top ten antivirus review.


Just a couple of years ago, ESET antivirus used to be the fastest antivirus software. However, the new version ESET Antivirus 5 has proved to cause system slowdown post installation. Although ESET still provides excellent security software however, they need to work on the speed and performance of the software. If you have a high-end computer, you will enjoy the benefits of robust ESET security on your computer. Also, the ESET enterprise versions are way better and offer robust security to corporates and business entities.


Some people may argue about Kaspersky security’s rank in this top ten antivirus list. However, I’m going by the lab test results and my personal experience with software. There are two reasons why I rated ESET and Kaspersky low. First factor is the speed and performance issue. The system becomes very slow after installing these antivirus programs. The second reason is the price, they are very expensive in comparison to other antivirus programs. I do not go by the hype, I go along by my personal experience with a software. There are only two reasons for an antivirus to be ranked low: performance and price. Kaspersky makes the system a bit slow post installation and also, it is expensive in comparison to other programs.


All of the above mentioned software have been heavily tested and the reports are accurate. You can find detailed reports and rankings at top ten antivirus list available at software reviews forum. You can literally check how different programs performed on various scales like: Speed, performance, strength, stealth and other factors that influence the ratings provided to different programs.


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